Welcome to Firbolg Adventures.  This journey takes place in the land of Faerun.  Five miles to the west of Secomber, a medium sized city 280 miles inland of Waterdeep off the Sword Coast, a firbolg with a shifting name finds himself nearly 150 miles from his destination, The High Forest.  After traveling nearly 1500 miles from his second home of Murann, the home he has roamed around after being displaced by human encroachment, he is relieved to know that The High Forest is less than two weeks away. 

During his last three months of travel, a firbolg has had an increasingly vivid vision of a tall female roasting a rabbit near a fire.  Although he has continuously gone out of his way to not eat meat, he decides to approach her.  He does so without her noticing.  When a firbolg reaches out to touch the shoulder of the female, she quickly turns around and makes eye contact with him.  Upon this eye contact, a firbolg notices that the woman is also a firbolg.  He has since devoted his life to something that he calls, "Hoeum."  The female is Hoeum.  The vision is Hoeum.  This journey is Hoeum…  

Firbolg Adventures

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